The Downtown Eastside is not going to get better. It’s going to get worse.


Even to lifelong Vancouverites, the unbridled unhealthiness of the Downtown Eastside never ceases to be shocking. There are few other places on earth so conspicuously filled with un-medicated mental illness and the severe effects of hard drug addiction. Locals may like to think that the problem is only temporary until the powers-that-be can find a solution. However, after the […]

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B.C. Ferries is a mismanaged, overpriced disaster. Just ask our American neighbours.


B.C. Ferries is terrible. It’s overpriced, it’s mismanaged and it has a bad habit of wasting money on ridiculous pursuits. B.C. Ferries likes to pretend it’s an independent business, but in the end it’s a government-owned monopoly whose poor decisions end up costing the B.C. taxpayer dearly. This is all old news to British Columbians, but in […]

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