The 68-year-old B.C. man who sailed to Turkey in a homemade boat (through the Northwest Passage)


By cell phone from the Turkish port of Çanakkale, Erkun Gursoy gave me the rundown on how he built an aluminum boat in his Nanaimo, B.C. backyard, and then took it to his home country by way of the icy Northwest Passage.

After his boat (which is uniquely designed with a large air-filled ring around the top of the hull) survived ice, polar bears and a hurricane, Mr. Gursoy is figuring he’s racked up all the advertising he needs to start a boat building company in Turkey.

Read the full story at the National Post, but here’s a picture the Irish Air Corps shot of his boat being tossed around like a bath toy by Hurricane Gonzalo. Mr. Gursoy is in there, calmly hunkered under the kitchen table with a water jug, a small stove and some food.