The return of the TTC leprechaun!


For the second time in a year, someone in Toronto spotted the elusive TTC leprechaun, a man of such unparalleled obnoxiousness that he almost seems to have been sent from Hell. (He gets his name from his distinctive dress, by the way, not because of any slur against Irish people).

I first wrote about him here, but in the latest episode he unapologetically forced an entire bus full of tired commuters to leave their seat and take another bus.

In a much-circulated Friday Facebook post, Ms. Ward described how she was aboard a full-capacity 25 bus that was just about to pull away when a man clad in a wool cap tossed his bicycle on the vehicle’s front rack.

“The bus driver tried to tell the guy ‘it’s full, you can’t get on so take your bike off the rack and catch the next bus’—that kind of thing,” said Ms. Ward.

Instead, the man stubbornly sat on the bike rack to prevent the departure of the bus, and demanded a TTC supervisor.

“That’s when people started getting off the bus to get on the next bus, which was right behind us,” said Ms. Ward. Ignoring the insults of restless commuters, the wool-capped man strode onto the rapidly emptying bus and sat down.

Despite no shortage of angry letters and social media posts relating to my TTC leprechaun stories, nobody can yet confirm definitively who he is.